Saturday, August 27, 2016

Our Family is Complete! Milo is Here!

Sweet little Milo Mackenzie Cupp arrived last week by cesarean section with a full head of hair at 2:13 pm on August 16th. I was 38 weeks and 4 days along. He had a birth-weight of 7 lbs 11 oz and birth length of 20 inches. He's a healthy, strong, beautiful boy and a great eater. I am so happy to be his mama. I feel like I lost ten hundred pounds. It's nice to be able to move around freely again. 

Stephen took some time off of work so I could recover. I am really thankful to have had him home. He is super dad. While I've been nursing junior around the clock he's been doing everything I usually do and then some and it's been fabulous. I'm ready to take over again though. Aside from being unable to lift more than Milo {doctor's orders} I feel normal and I need my routine back lest I die of boredom. 

11 days old
Marley is walking now! He took his first steps last night while we were lazing around watching HGTV's Lakefront Bargain Hunt on Netflix. We'd been waiting for this moment forever and had begun to worry that he may never walk. He's going to be 2 next month. Hooray!

My oldest recently turned 11 and started middle school this year. Mind Blown. {the icky, awkward, stinky boy stage has started, lord help us...} It is so cliche' to say but time seriously does fly. I swear he was 2 just yesterday. 

Now that school is back in session after a very, very, very long cooped up in the house pregnant summer {that feels like it flew by now that it's actually over} I'm looking forward to starting my day earlier and working on personal goals and projects during the school-week. I'm also thrilled to start having more speech therapy sessions for Mars.

What are your goals for the school year? Are you glad that summer vacation is over?